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Product knowledge is the true commodity Real Estate agent offers that is really what the client is paying for. Knowing that,  I have faithfully followed my niche markets regardless of having a client for the particular property type at the time. As a Listing Agent or a Buyer's Agent you have to be aware of all the past, present and future factors that determine a proper price. Then a 
proactive approach is applied throughout the listing campaign. Some of my practices are quite strategic and yet others are seemingly obvious, (but not to every Realtor). I take the time to get it right before the sign goes up! This may involve improved furniture arrangements, mainsteaming a personalized decor, or suggesting small upgrades that can payoff big. As a result, I have sold many homes rather quickly as opposed to spending weeks reacting to negative feedback and time consuming problem solving.

The Internet has become the most lucrative component to selling real estate. Those Buyers who are actually ready to make a purchase are searching on-line. In contrast, those who are "just browsing" tend to flip thru print media.  You will notice the professional photographs are logically arranged in high-resolution galleries. These are augmented with creative copy that simply does not repeat what is pictured above (I get lots of compliments on my wording - even from competitors). The main purpose of this style is to create visual excitement and quickly back it up the most important saleable points. I hate cleche so there nothing generic about my work.   

It is my personal habit to return all phone calls as fast as possible. However, I use an E-based business plan as often as possible - which allows me speed and more time for face-to-face contact. In this age of technology, I still believe in making viewing of property as accessible as possible. Most Buyers may not know what they are actually looking for... until they are standing in it. Even in a competitive real estate workplace, I do try to maintain excellent relationships with the other Agents. I am known to be prompt, polite and prepared with the necessary information to get the job done.  I am naturally accomodating but do insist on a maintaining a balanced quality of LIFE. This allows me to be consistently enthusiastic, open minded and easy to deal with.