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Professionally, I started my career at  Macdonald Realty in the early 1990s and have always specialized in the Westside market.  The
Vancouver real estate has evolved greatly over my career with new construction techniques, retrofitting of defective designs, and complex changes to governing legislation. Through this time, I am known to have maintained expert product knowledge, dedication, and my sense of humour. I had the honour to be hired as a Rookie at Vancouver's oldest and most prestigious Agency. They offered me an absolutely outstanding training package and they still excel at support and innovation. My higher production volumes have been acknowledged with TWELVE Macdonald Realty Sales Achievement Awards. I am equally proud and certainly appreciative that most of my recent sales have been made by past clients or as a result of their recommendations.

On the personal side, I grew up in Nova Scotia but fell in love with the vibrancy of Vancouver and the beauty of the West Coast. I still have strong family ties back there and that helps me recharge a "some-what" relaxed East Coast attitude. Travel has always been my number one diversion and I have been around the world satisfying that. Recently, I discovered boating and am happily exploring the wonders of the local waters. Otherwise, my downtime is very grounding: landscape design, upgrading the Kitsilano townhouse and endeavouring for a proper level of fitness. In fact, you may see me arrive in business bike wear as I am a big supporter of that time efficient and healthy mode of travel. I also truly enjoy fine-tuning this website and trying to come up with creative ideas to keep it unique from all the others.   


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